The working places

Insular Subdivision (INSU)

Chaired by Cleofé Carballo (cofradio of Corralejo, Canary Islands), vice-President : J. A. Fernandes (Fed Pescas Açore, Portugal) :

From the very beginning, SWWAC has always wanted to maintain a body dealing exclusively with insular issues (the Canary Islands, the Azores and Madeira).

Many issues have been dealt with in the framework of this working body, whenever they were relevant to insular fisheries.
Recently, we can note the significant amount of work carried out in relation to the implementation of the new Common Fisheries Policy, and the new mandatory landing rules (Omnibus, Minimum size of anchovy in the Canaries).

Very often, proposals specific to these islands have been dealt with first in the framework of this group, before being discussed at a more global level, within the 3 previous working groups.

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